Comic Book Confidential

If you are a fan of comic books as a art form, then chances are you’ve come across Comic Book Confidential. This documentary illustrated the history of comics with a special focus on the more recent developments at the time. The documentary, released in 1989, excellently highlights many of the milestones in American comics history and continues to be a relevent reference.

Comic Book Confidential was co-written and directed by Canadian documentarian Ron Mann of Sphinx Productions. In 1988, Sphinx Productions released a promotional comic as a companion to the film under Sphinx Comix. The majority of the 16 page comic is devoted to biographies of the creators referenced in the film, but there are quite a few small aspects of this comic that make it a gem. To begin, the comic is immediately recognizable by Chester Brown’s cover art. He also does a single page comic just inside the front cover. This is one of his many pieces that seem to pop up all over the place during this time.

Another aspect about the book that I love is that it included some work by bpNICHOL in the last year of his life. He worked as a consultant on the book along with Mark Askwith and is credited with writing the narrative captions. And last but not least, the lettering was done by forever true and consistent Ron Kasman. I didn’t have many problems finding my copy, and although it was originally free, you’ll have to pay a bit for it now.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Confidential

  1. I tried to resist the compulsion to leave this comment, to no avail.
    I can literally say …’done that, got the t-shirt!’

    Besides the comic book the promotional items for this movie’s release included a movie poster, a postcard and a t-shirt, which I still have.

    There’s a great little 2-page story at the end of this book called ‘Addicted’ by R. G. (Wordsmith) Taylor too. Anyone who’s just had to have their weekly trip to the comic shop can get a chuckle out of it. Taylor sort of carried on the theme in ‘Growing Up With Comics,’ some preview pages are available at the publishers website:
    Well, that’s my 2 cents this time.
    ~jim b.

  2. it should be noted that the documentary itself has been released both in 1997 by Home Vision Arts (see on videocassette & in 2oo2 rereleased on DVD (see
    & gladja appreciate the bpNichol connection; most folks don’t but Nichol created a whack of remented comics that should be far better known among comic artists than they are.

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