Roger Broughton and Charlton Media Group

In 1986, Roger Broughton purchased the remaining rights to Charlton Comics after DC had also purchased many of their titles. Through this purchase, Broughton obtained the rights to Adventures into the Unknown and other Charlton titles including Atomic Mouse and Atomic Rabbit. Shortly after, Broughton also purchased some American Comics Group (ACG) titles including Herbie and Magicman.

Broughton’s Montreal based company has published under many imprints such as Sword in Stone Productions, A+ comics, Avalon Communications and America’s Comics Group. Finally, as of 2002 he became Charlton Media Group through a merger with a Graphic Design company.

The company predominantly published reprint material from both of these former publishers with few original publications. One of more notable of these works is Corbo, a vigilante style comic concept taking place in 1936. The comic never exceeded 1 issue. Through Broughton’s publisher’s notes in the frontispiece of many of his comics, he seemed to have had greater ambitions including an interest in regularly putting out comics and producing more titles. Perhaps in the future there will be more work put out by the company.

11 thoughts on “Roger Broughton and Charlton Media Group

  1. Your frustration at finding the “real” Roger Broughton seems to be the norm. I’ve been reading a bit on him, the fate of ACG and the efforts of several individuals to get in touch with him… some even question whether he is still alive. Good luck… and if you should actually find the real Mr. Broughton, let me know. Thank you.

    ps… to the best of my research so far, Broughton and Charlton Media Group own only the reprint rights. I’m assuming the characters have passed into the public domain, should anyone have information to the otherwise, I’d be interested to know.

  2. Have a look at the Corbo title from R.B.’s Sword in the Stone imprint if you’d like to see some of his Canadian content. It was published prior to the focus on reprints so I imagine he found that original work wasn’t financially viable for his publications.
    ~ jim b.

    • There was a lot of factors that made Corbo only one issue but i will tell you that I am looking at finishing the saga . We even got a movie script !

  3. Very helpful, thanks a lot to both of you. I had no idea about the Canadian title, going to look into it as soon as possible and I’m pretty excited. I hope it’s good.

  4. Good to hear from Roger here as internet rumor had him as a recluse on his death bed.
    He owns the rights to all Charlton and ACG characters and stories that did not fall into public domain. Charlton however, was noted for many years not to carry proper copyright up until around 1968. So the works before that are public domain. Roger put out some pretty good stuff during his publishing run. I am a big fan of Herbie and of Glanzman’s Hercules. AGC’s earlier GA works are public domain but all of their characters Magicman, Nemesis and Herbie belong to Roger. Magic Agent’s title however is in public domain.

    • Hey james ,

      Just to let you know the rumors of my death was exploited by a British reviewer called Terry who wanted to access some publishing rights but had little idea how to do it.

      I was in England for the book fair and we were suppose to meet. He did a no show. Something about his stomach then he claimed it was his sister. (Very strange)
      The reprint rights were already allocated to Dark Horse but I was willing to look at something for the UK but he never made a full proposal. It seemed he expected me, on his name only to agree to something without proper information.

      I figured it was just another wast of time and forgot about it. Later I found this James bond fantasy posted on the net.

      I tried to reason with him but most of my emails were either modified or never posted.

      Sad considering he is in his fifties. Anyway as i tried to reason with him again and he still claimed he had people from Montreal who were at my funeraly yet he could not say when i died. Finally he admitted I had to be him but refused to remove the page.

      He just loved the idea of causing grief. For a no-celebrity like myself it was very strange., I still don’t understand people who try to elevate themselves at the expense of others .

      Maggie Thompson suggested i ignore it and i did.

      A sad little internet Baron who’s claim to fame was some obscure porno comic I am told.

      SO, I am alive and well and very Canadian.

      Fell free to forward any questions or inquiries .

      Yours truly,

      Roger Broughton

      • Well Roger, ince you are alive and have ownership to some great stuff, it is unfortunate that comics are just not real profitable. I have been reading comics since the early to mid sixties till now. I am an administrator/moderator of a public domain comic scan site. We carry Charltons up until they began running proper copyright because those books belong to you. If you would give permission we would love to be able to host later issues of ACG and Charlton comics. This would actually be more advertisement than competition if you decided to publish again. Those that frequent the site and download golden age comics are also the ones that buy printed collections even though they already have scans. Hope that you will consider this and either way it is good to know that you are well.

  5. Did Dark Horse work out a deal with Roger to published the Nemesis Archives, for instance? I can’t recall if he was mentioned in the volumes.

      • Roger B,
        My name is Larry Guidry, I drew with Shane Foley on the Alter Ego issue for Roy, could you please write to me at I am curious about the other 3 Herbie scripts and what’s to become of all 6. Thanks. I’m also on Facebook with an icon of Herbie. LOL!

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