Comic Syrup Press

Comic Syrup Press is the natural progression of the love of Canadian comic books. It exists to give life and access to otherwise lost or inaccessible comic books.

In 2010 I began working with the amazing collection of Canadian comics at Library and Archives Canada, The John Bell Collection. This collection is comprehensive and includes everything from zines and superheroes to educational and satirical comics.

At that time I discovered how little information there was on some of these comics, and so I made it my prime directive to put up as much information on them as I can. I welcome comments and additional information I may not have posted.

Since then I have worked for the Doug Wright Awards, the Joe Shuster Awards, I did research for the Lost Heroes documentary on Canadian superheroes and have published out of print books such as Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Johnny Canuck. I am currently working on the production of Mr. Monster, Thunderfist, Major Domo and Jojo, Rex Baxter, Betty Burd, The Penguin, and others.