Roger Broughton and Charlton Media Group

In 1986, Roger Broughton purchased the remaining rights to Charlton Comics after DC had also purchased many of their titles. Through this purchase, Broughton obtained the rights to Adventures into the Unknown and other Charlton titles including Atomic Mouse and Atomic Rabbit. Shortly after, Broughton also purchased some American Comics Group (ACG) titles including Herbie and Magicman.

Broughton’s Montreal based company has published under many imprints such as Sword in Stone Productions, A+ comics, Avalon Communications and America’s Comics Group. Finally, as of 2002 he became Charlton Media Group through a merger with a Graphic Design company.

The company predominantly published reprint material from both of these former publishers with few original publications. One of more notable of these works is Corbo, a vigilante style comic concept taking place in 1936. The comic never exceeded 1 issue. Through Broughton’s publisher’s notes in the frontispiece of many of his comics, he seemed to have had greater ambitions including an interest in regularly putting out comics and producing more titles. Perhaps in the future there will be more work put out by the company.