Bloodlines (Blood Lines)

Bloodlines no. 4

Bloodlines no. 4

Rob Walton’s Bloodlines, or Blood Lines, was published in 1987, originally by Ottawa publisher Aircel Publishing. Rob Walton created the project, and although not published until 1987, he cited 1984 as some of his earliest concepts of the idea. The story takes place in the middle of a gang war, but the added touch is the presence of divinity within the war. Rob Walton explains it in his summary for the first portion of his script adaptation here. He says, “imagine that the drug gangs in the Wire were fronts for a war between good and evil.” Good enough for me.

Because of the comic’s mature content, it passed from publisher to publisher. After one issue at Aircel, it moved to Blackburn Video and Comics but only lasted two issues there. The comic finally rested with Vortex comics, a publisher commonly known for its line of adult or mature comics. Unfortunately, after its trek across Ontario, it only lasted four more issues under the Vortex title.

Rob Walton, a self-described “writer who draws”, also did the art for the comic, which is great in black and white and complements the point of the story as well. In fact, he did just about everything in the comic.

Here are the subtitles in order:

  • Overture – part one
  • Overture – part two
  • Overture – part three
  • Dreaming Innocence – part one
  • Dreaming Innocence – part two
  • Dreaming Innocence – part three
  • Dreaming Innocence – part four
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