Issue one of Arcana by T.S. Wells and Rob Clark.

Issue one of Arcana by T.S. Wells and Rob Clark.

Arcana is a comic book series original appearing in 1994, written by T.S. Wells with art by Rob Clark. The independent fantasy comic was published under the creators’ names, “Wells & Clark”, out of Grimsby, Ontario.  The first issue in the series is a double sized issue at 72 pages and in black and white and contains two parts.

Clark and Wells continued the series for three more years, publishing issue eleven as the final issue in June of 1997. The comic remained in black and white including the distinctive black and white covers, at 24 pages each.

Arcana stars three anthropomorphic characters including the con artists, Flagg (a raccoon) and Foxglove (a fox), and later a third character, Clorinda (a tiger). The story follows the petty criminals and the haunted Clorinda as they travel on their journey to find Clorinda a new beginning from her mysterious past while discovering more about each other in every village and adventure.

  • Arcana #1 – 1994
  • Arcana #2 – March 1995
  • Arcana #3 – May 1995
  • Arcana #4 – July 1995
  • Arcana #5 – September 1995
  • Arcana #6 – January 1996
  • Arcana #7 – April 1996
  • Arcana #8 – July 1996
  • Arcana #9 – September 1996
  • Arcana #10 – January 1997
  • Arcana #11 – June 1997

Arcana was distributed throughout the US and Canada at around 3000 books a print run.