True Patriot

True Patriot comicIf you know anything about Canadian comics, you know how invaluable the anthology has been to Canadian creators. This website alone is a testament to that by the sheer quantity of comics anthologies released over the last 70 years! Anthologies allow creators to get their work into the public eye who might have otherwise struggled to do so. This is usually due to lack of funds, distribution, or publicity in general and is the problem that has always plagued comics publishing in Canada. Here is the opportunity, again, to change this! It’s history in the making with the project True Patriot!

True Patriot is a “comic book anthology featuring Canadian superheroes written and drawn by some of your favourite Canadian comic book creators.” The advantage this anthology has is an already quite public and well-known cast of creators that will be working on it such as Ramon Perez, J. Torres, Adrian Alphona, Scott Chantler, Jack Briglio, and Faith Erin Hicks! Projects like this are so important to the cultivation of Canadian popular culture, and needs the public support! Please check out the indiegogo page and consider purchasing a copy. Cheers!