About Us

logoIf you’re a fan of comic books and comedy and you feel like you’ve run out of the freshest comics or the newest jokes, then look nowhere else. You have reached your destination.

Welcome to Comic Syrup, a blog dedicated to bringing out the best of comics and comedy. Our team has come up with your one-stop shop for fun and entertainment. We will give you the latest comic books, the best of them, the not-so-new, the quite-old-but-still-do-magic, and the funniest comic books to ever hit the market.

No need to “Knock… knock…” Our doors are open; just come in at any time.

How We Started

Mr. Ed N. Chief (apparently not his real name) woke up one day to the screams of her mother knocking. He came home drunk for the nth time the night before. When he opened up his door, his mum gave him the bills to pay. Only then that he realized he has wasted so much time partying and that he needed an extra job to support the skyrocketing list of financial difficulties. Looking into his room, he found himself stuck with his laptop, a ton of comic books, and his script from his stand-up comedy stint.

Then came a “Eureka!” moment. He grabbed his laptop, started blogging about his comics and promoted his comedy shows online. The next thing he knew is that there’s a real audience out there waiting to be entertained and tickled by a humorous approach to comic books.

The rest was history, marked by the birth of Comic Syrup, over a cup of coffee and some pancakes smothered with maple syrup.