3 Comic Superheroes You Didn’t See Coming Out As Gay

The LGBT community has become more apparent in the comic world in the recent years. In fact, more and more people have been supporting graphic novels like The Wicked & The Divine, a deity-inspired fantasy comic, and Lumberjanes, a girl-centric all-ages comics that I believe is a little too romantic.

This event is already a breakthrough. However, what I consider to be most important for the LGBT movement in the comic world is when the characters we have loved for decades come out in the open, bold and unafraid. To the fans who have never seen it coming, here are three characters to shock your wits.

1. Northstar


Jean-Paul Beaubier is a mutant member of Alpha Flight, a group of Canadian superheroes by Marvel. He first appeared in the comics in the late eighties and became a member of the X-men in 2002.

In 1992, he was the first gay superhero ever to come out in the history of American comic books and Marvel Comics. While his appearances after coming out were more carefully done, he was more out of the closet when he comes back to reunite with the X-men.

2. Midnighter


When Midnighter first appeared in DC comics in 1998, he was married to another male superhero, Apollo. But what him gayer, and probably the best one so far in the world of comics, were the most recent issues of Midnighter, where he breaks up with Apollo, sleeps with other men and goes all out.

3. Iceman


Yes, one of the founding members of X-men is gay. In the November 2015 issue of Uncanny X-men, he comes out to his old self.

These three gay superheroes made superheroes more human to me than mutants.