3 Reasons Why Comic Books Are Essential Reads to People of All Ages

Many consider buying and reading comics a complete waste of money and time. As the movie industry turn these classic stories into big screen adaptations, people tend to settle just to watch and buy a ticket for convenience and contain themselves with the overall experience from visual effects, sounds, thrill, and suspense. Here are a few factors why you should consider grabbing one.

1. Experience a Completely Different Level of Reading


Comics and graphic novels require immense concentration from readers who would like to get a complete and exact understanding of the storyline. This fact holds true even in storylines which progress into another volume or carry on a lasting predicament to the characters of succeeding plots. The complexity and depth of the content in comics are deeper than the convenience of movie scenes that are just right there in front of you.

When you read comics, your brain needs to digest frames and use imagination to stitch the outcome. Graphic novels and comics are more than just the characters we popularly now such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. The scene has a universe of its own, and the characters you love are just subpoints webbed into its vast chronicles of myths, theories, history, and forms of literature.

I love the crazy characters made up by comic book authors.  I often wonder where they come up with them.  I was reading a comic about a mutant from the the sewers…..and it made me think of the gook that goes into my garbage disposal after a meal.  Maybe the author was doing dishes one night and was staring at his garbage disposal and came up with the character.  Or maybe he was on a website comparing the best garbage disposals and that inspired him….who knows, but it’s fun to think about.

2. Better Grasp of the Film Adaptation


Have you ever completely understood why Thanos wants to destroy humankind, what happened to Jean Grey and Cyclops, or why the Avengers came to battle among themselves in Civil War? If reading comic books do not apply to you, then you may have answered a big no.

Comic book contains these “missing” pieces of information viewers do not know since some frames or sequences are intentionally removed or altered in the film. They also include the history of the character’s personal life and how they came to be. Your understanding of these films are better expanded, decoded, and will give you the answers and alignment you need.

3. Better Appreciation of Comic Art


From the calligraphy, narratives, artwork, and illustrations, comic books and graphic novels are unique forms of muted art. They are mediums that contain some of the greatest stories told and untold that goes beyond the genre of movies and our concluded understanding. They have metaphors of real revolutions, holocausts, wars, calamities, and historical events in the world.

If you still think they’re not worth it, go ahead, grab a comic book, and get hooked. No explanations needed.