Some of the Most Important Marvel Comic Storylines You Should Know About

We’ve all seen Marvel super heroes and super villains on the big screen that had accumulated millions and millions of revenue for the movie industry. While this is true, most of us have not even bought a single copy of their origin – comics. And maybe only 5 – 15% of the moviegoers put an effort to get their paperback copies to know the story better. So before your mortal life ends, we feel that we owe to let you know some of the best storylines Marvel has published. Now you have the chance to search and look for these fantastic finds yourself.

1. Days of Future Past


The comic, published in 1981, opens into a cataclysmic societal decline with a dark, frightening future. The United States is taken over by Omega Sentinels programmed to hunt mutants. Many mutants in this timeline are incarcerated in prison camps. So to prevent this from happening, Kitty Pryde now an adult, successfully transfers her mind and consciousness into her younger self in the past. Back in time, the young Kitty Pryde along with other X-men stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assembled by Mystique from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly to prevent their demise in the future.

2. The Coming of Galactus!


The Silver Surfer begins searching the cosmos for a planet to offer Galactus, his master, to devour. As he travels, he gets close to the earth. But Uatu, the watcher of the solar system, conceals the planet. He decides to appear before Mr. Fantastic to tell him about the intention of the surfer. The surfer investigates the concealment and discovers the planet earth beneath it. He finally calls Galactus and the god-like entity arrives on the Earth announcing his plan to consume everything.

3. The Infinity Gauntlet


Desperate to get Death’s attention, Thanos, a cosmic superhuman decides to erase half the life in the universe. To do this, he wears his left glove complete with the Infinity Gems to form the Infinity Gauntlet that will enable him to destroy life with a snap of his fingers. The heroes of the Earth start the battle where most of them die. Thanos is later defeated and imprisons many cosmic entities. He then decides to leave his body and become a living embodiment. Little does he know that his progeny, Nebula, will take the Infinity Gauntlet from him. She puts on the gauntlet and reverses the destruction.

If you love these stories, read the comics!